Can I use an light meter to get monitor brightness?

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Yes--here's how:

al404 wrote:

I don't have a calibration tool but I would like to print some photo

I did some test with my Canon Selphy and an ICC profile I found online and the result seems pretty accurato but the print shop recommend "The brightness of the monitor should lie between 90 and 120 cd/qm." and on MacBook seems not possible to get this data from system

I was wondering if it would be possible using camera meter, or external light meter to convert the data I read into 90 and 120 cd/qm

Or maybe sono iPhone app

Yes, you need to adjust your monitor brightness before calibrating color for correct image rendition. Here's a down and dirty method I worked out:

1. The room should be somewhat dim, no reflections on the screen. Most newspaper and magazine editing rooms I've seen are pretty dim and colorless.

2. You'll probably need to crank up the screen contrast to maximum.

3. Open up a pure white area on your screen--I use the text box right here on DPreview.

4. Put on a normal to telephoto lens on your camera focused on infinity.

5. Set your camera on manual. Personally, I use ISO 100, f/11, 1/4 sec.

6. Gently press the lens against the white text box on the screen, still focused at infinity, and adjust monitor brightness until your meter centers.

That's it! This should give you a rough brightness you should use for calibrating color. Works for me, anyway.

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