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I’m also curious about the logistics of taking advantage of the Hasselblad color science features. Do you use software from DJI or Hasselblad to work the color, and/or do they offer plug-ins that can be used with Adobe or DxO?

Your best bet for good and consistent color is to use the X-Rite color checker to produce a profile for the drone camera. Use the profile Color Checker creates for use in Lightroom Classic. Shoot in raw and adjust to taste from there.

it’s not one and done, you need to do it for each type of light

Only if you want extreme color accuracy and fidelity. If you are doing lots of dusk shots then you can create a profile for those lighting conditions but the color range is usually fairly limited in such situations anyway. Achieving color accuracy across the entire daylight spectrum of colors is more challenging. One good daylight profile for your camera is usually sufficient and good enough for most shooting scenarios.

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