Focus Shift Shooting - can we end the guesswork?

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Re: Focus Shift Shooting - can we end the guesswork?

Is the quality/capability of the lens an issue as well?

For instance:

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MarkJ10 wrote:


Nikon’s implementation is frustrating - so close, yet so far.

Jim Kasson confirmed that for step size 5-10 the system works as expected. But step size 1-4 are all the same. That is, the lens step size does not get smaller for step size values smaller than 5. I just leave the step size set to 1 all the time.


This issue might imply that the lens focus stepping motor at step size 4 is limit out for that particular lens. Presumably, a higher quality macro lens focus system may support the finer granularity of step size in the 1 to 4 range.

A test with different macro lenses may be of interest. But I'm hoping the forthcoming Z macro can meet the grade. Otherwise step settings 1 to 4 are basically superfluous.

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