What is your adapted lens "system"

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Re: What is your adapted lens "system"

I have been interested and searched for info about the Techart adapter and how well it does Eye-AF at f2 and wider but I can't really find any good answers. Some say it works fair, others not.

With TechArt you have 4mm displacement. It works well only with lenses that have a design such that the lens focusing doesn’t deviate much from 4mm.

For portrait, in low light it struggles a (whole) bit on A7II. But it’s also not as fast, not enough to maybe shoot say energetic children. Note EyeAF is agnostic of the lens. The less sharp the lens the more it will fail, so would normal AF, but made worst as the lens only has Phase Detect and does not use Contrast Detect.

The lens also needs to be small. I found TechArt is effective in Rangefinder lenses usually up to f1.5 to f2 (or higher) in decent (not only perfect) light with objects not too close (usually 2m+ for 50mm) in 58mm or lower FL. Some small SLR lenses work but one needs to make sure the focusing displacement can’t be long. Say the Zeiss C/Y 25mm f2.8...mhh. No. Say the 50mm. That one a bit better. Say the 85mm f2.8. It’s ok so long as the subject is at 3m or more.
I tried many times prefocusing in less than ideal light.  more than otherwise it’s frustrating and results in so many missed shots that I avoid that scenario, and use a RF lens that has small displacement.

Most f2+ RF lenses < 60mm are a pleasure to use. Anything outside that may be frustrating. And then there’s the aspect of many cases where the adapter wobbles or becomes tilted to the point the person using it will not accept any shots.

For all those reasons, it’s a great too and expectations need to be kept more narrow and also not so high. However, it gets the job done and it provides effective “vacations from manual focusing” and also enables capturing Cándida that otherwise would be impossible with these RF lenses.

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