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tymevest wrote:

Drake Ranier wrote:

What's the prevailing opinion on the best way to remove noise? I hear good things about Topaz Denoise AI, but some say that Lightroom does a good enough job (i have 5.7 and LR classic CC).


I use an older version of Topaz Denoise. I tried the AI and didn't see much benefit. You can download a trial copy for free. Try it out. Sometimes I have to slightly sharpen after using Denoise because many times it softens details a little. One program that they make that I do recommend it the Sharpen AI. The "Sharpen" function is usually the best but it can also correct for focus and blur.

I used to use topaz denoise 5 which was quite good but you did need to be selective as to where you applied it in an image. I used to use the focus area selection tool in PS to select the in focus areas, then inverted it so the out of focus areas were selected. I would then apply Denoise to that area only meaning the subject was not softened.

when Denoise AI first arrived I agree, the improvement was minimal. However it has improved lots as time marched on and now I find it excellent as a one click option working a lot faster than the o,d Denoise 5. It seems to sharpen the subject a little too meaning I rarely have to apply any further sharpening.

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