What is your adapted lens "system"

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Re: What is your adapted lens "system"

goldiethedog wrote:

I always convert to LM.

Advantage is that then i can use on a helicoid on Sony full frame and also use on the Techart.

I try to buy an adaptor for each lens then all im doing is changing the lens onto the LM adaptor on camera.

For stationary subjects I have no problem with manual focus. I even do it on posing but slow moving people at f1.4 and have a fairly good hit rate. Especially with the A9 that has my best EVF I can do it without peaking or focus magnification.

The trick is to bump in camera sharpness to +3. It only affects JPEG and the RAW preview not the real RAW. It is a little harder to do on my A7RII and A7III without focus magnification since those EVFs aren't as good as in my A9. I look forward to future bodys with better EVFs, at the moment it is only the A7RIV and A7SIII that has better EVFs over the A9 and none of those are on my immediate wish list.

Regarding adapters, I have been through quite many cheaper ones and almost all have flaws when it comes to internal reflections. Many have shiny black tubes (not all, some have matte black) but all except the Novoflex has the Minolta mount of the adapter visible from the sensor and they always have the mount chromed. The Novoflex does not have, a from the sensor, visible nor chromed Minolta mount. It also shields of the mount flanges of the lens more/better than other adapters.

The original Minolta P-adapter for converting M42 lenses to SR-mount is also better than modern made ones. The Minolta P-adapter is only a thin ring and does not add unnecessary chromed parts as the others I have found does. The Minolta P-adapter does require that the lens can be operated without pushing in the aperture pin, but that is an easy fix on the few lenses that don't have an A/M switch.

I have been interested and searched for info about the Techart adapter and how well it does Eye-AF at f2 and wider but I can't really find any good answers. Some say it works fair, others not.

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