How do I use my polarizing filter for the best results?

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Re: How do I use my polarizing filter for the best results?

Quarkcharmed wrote:

Gilbert1 wrote:

I recently got a polarizing filter, especially for landscape photography. Now I took some pictures of a landscape with blue sky and clouds, without and with the filter. I had the sun on my back. The result was a bit disappointing, or maybe I expect too much. The blue sky was a bit darker and the clouds stood out a bit better, but not as much as I had hoped. I wonder, did I do it right and should I do it differently. Do you have any advice?

I used to use polariser a lot, but now i only use it in rare cases to reduce the glare. I can't say I like what it does to the sky.

Anyway, with the polariser, just don't forget to rotate it before every new scene/composition, you'll see the effect and you'll be able to dial the desired amount of polarisation.

As people already suggested above, the max effect is achieved when the sun is 90 degrees to your line of sight.


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