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Currantos wrote:

So, the new Sigma native mirrorless is out and we can learn a LOT from this.

From a back of the envelope calculation and putting a couple of both Sigma and other 1.4 lenses side by side we arrive at the following conclusions, while mentioning certain premises.

Sigma went "all out" to create the original Art, it was amazing but the price for performance was enormous size and weight. That was "old Sigma" knowhow.

If we look at the latest Sigma it is very much in line with other 1.4 lenses and is as small as the original DSLR mounts and the only difference now is length. That length is the needed length to accommodate the light path that mirrorless cameras require and the DSLR has 'stored' inside the camera box. (Reminder, the path from the front element to the sensor is more or less the same, so that's why we have lenses not really getting much smaller since some of it has now been added to the lens and take off the camera).

So... therefore..

Sigma as a company has fully caught up with the original manufacturers Nikon/Canon that have had years of head start with optics and is producing same size lenses for equal performance. (only difference being the length, as mentioned previously, that's a fixed given). They don't need to overcompensate and use larger glass/housing just to have equal/better performance.

Simplest demonstration? Old Art front glass filter was 86mm. That's HUGE. ALL the other manufacturers had 85mm 1.4 with front filter 77mm. New Art DG? yep, 77mm and the same size as the DSLR lenses, (again, only longer but proportionately so, by the length of the mirrorless R/Z adaptors).

We have reached a triple point of convergence between size/performance DSLR/Mirrorless and original/Third Party manufacturers and we can now make informed guesses about lenses going into the near future.

For the next 10 years we are going to see mirrorless lenses "catch up" to the traditional lineups as far as reasonable size/slightly improved performance until the next breakthrough in technology that might allow something new possible.

I think that Sigma has set the trend for complex lenses well corrected and very sharp lenses, even wide open all over the frame.

The obvious trade off is a tremendous increase in weight and size as well lower transmission numbers. But some less objective qualities, much more important, may be lost too.

However everyone is following the trend, because that’s what the market is asking for. Nikon didn’t focus on making the 58mm 1.4G exceptionally sharp and it certainly didn’t sell as well as the Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art.

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