What's a fair price for NX lenses these days?

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Re: What's a fair price for NX lenses these days?

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don't have to convince me. i kept mine too, after all

IMO it was only in the past year or two that new cameras came out that actually were better with a significant enough margin to consider switching. not to mention a lot of the brands switching focus to full-frame...leaving APS-C mirrorless a little lonelier

I can see why recent developments may be tempting to some people if the newer kit meets the needs of their type of photography. This is especially true if you need/want FF.

I'm fortunate in that my primary love is landscape and relative static subjects. So super-fast tracking is no big deal. I don't do large prints so APS-C is more that adequate for me. I have most of the NX lenses and most of the great Pentax DA Limited series. Again suited to my type of shooting.

I don't shoot video which I have an excellent option of with the NX1 and NX500. This last habit may change soon as I've recently become a granddad and may get the dreaded 'videoing grandchildren' bug.

I'm also fortunate in sourcing all my NX gear second-hand at very good prices so could probably recoup most if not all of it if I sold. I may even make a small profit! However, what would I replace it with and how much would the net cost be? Would the resulting output be significantly better and the overall experience more 'fun'? I think this last question is the real crunch point.

For example; I very briefly considered changing to Fujifilm. Today my favourite second-hand source has as a Fujifilm TX-3 body (Grade A) for £890. Whilst they would sell me a Samsung NX1, same grade, for £515 (admittedly none in stock at the moment). Close to half the price with the same 2 year warranty. A Nikon Z6 would be over £1200. For me, with my budget, and I appreciate that this applies to my specific set of circumstances, I can't get even close to the value for money that the NX system represents. I've even factored in kit dying on me.

As MarkyBoy81 says, I sometime feel that I'm far too deep into the 'NX rabbit hole' to switch. However on serious reflection I find myself very comfortable and happy with that.

Stay safe all.

As far as rabbit holes go, it's not a bad place to be!

Out of interest, what's your favourite second hand source?

In the UK, CeX. I just love their 2 flat warranty on everything.

Being in the UK as well I suspected it was them. I agree the warranty is great. Luckily I've never had to make a claim so I don't know how easy it would be.

But there returns process is easy and it's good you can pop into the shop to return online orders. This is handy as they are renowned for sending the wrong thing!

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