What's a fair price for NX lenses these days?

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Re: What's a fair price for NX lenses these days?

markyboy81 wrote:

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james _ wrote:

don't have to convince me. i kept mine too, after all

IMO it was only in the past year or two that new cameras came out that actually were better with a significant enough margin to consider switching. not to mention a lot of the brands switching focus to full-frame...leaving APS-C mirrorless a little lonelier

I can see why recent developments may be tempting to some people if the newer kit meets the needs of their type of photography. This is especially true if you need/want FF.

I'm fortunate in that my primary love is landscape and relative static subjects. So super-fast tracking is no big deal. I don't do large prints so APS-C is more that adequate for me. I have most of the NX lenses and most of the great Pentax DA Limited series. Again suited to my type of shooting.

I don't shoot video which I have an excellent option of with the NX1 and NX500. This last habit may change soon as I've recently become a granddad and may get the dreaded 'videoing grandchildren' bug.

I'm also fortunate in sourcing all my NX gear second-hand at very good prices so could probably recoup most if not all of it if I sold. I may even make a small profit! However, what would I replace it with and how much would the net cost be? Would the resulting output be significantly better and the overall experience more 'fun'? I think this last question is the real crunch point.

For example; I very briefly considered changing to Fujifilm. Today my favourite second-hand source has as a Fujifilm TX-3 body (Grade A) for £890. Whilst they would sell me a Samsung NX1, same grade, for £515 (admittedly none in stock at the moment). Close to half the price with the same 2 year warranty. A Nikon Z6 would be over £1200. For me, with my budget, and I appreciate that this applies to my specific set of circumstances, I can't get even close to the value for money that the NX system represents. I've even factored in kit dying on me.

As MarkyBoy81 says, I sometime feel that I'm far too deep into the 'NX rabbit hole' to switch. However on serious reflection I find myself very comfortable and happy with that.

Stay safe all.

As far as rabbit holes go, it's not a bad place to be!

Out of interest, what's your favourite second hand source?

In the UK, CeX. I just love their 2 flat warranty on everything.

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