Perception, reality and a signal below the noise...

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Erik Kaffehr
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Perception, reality and a signal below the noise...

I have spent far to much time on the medium format fora...

An interesting observation is that there is often an extreme focus on gear, while there is a lot of skepticism regarding reality.

For a long time, there was a lot of discussion about format affecting perspective.

Another old perception is that medium format would allow for better DR (dynamic range) in the highlights.

Sometimes we can see experienced testers claiming that a certain camera has better DR from out of camera JPEGs.

Much of those observations are in conflict with well established knowledge.

There are advantages having a larger sensor of course. All other things being equal, a larger sensor can carry more information. Also a larger sensor may make less demand on the lens.

But, it seems that discussions ignore advantages that can be easily demonstrated while focusing on perceptions that to a great deal are demonstrably false.

I guess that the discussion relates to how human perception works. Dunning Kruger obviously comes mind.

Would be interesting have some comments...

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Erik Kaffehr
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