Sony 135mm 1.8 vs. (vs.?) 70-350

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Re: Sony 135mm 1.8 vs. (vs.?) 70-350

paul wassermann wrote:

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paul wassermann wrote:

To perhaps answer this question, shoot a series of pairs of images, each shot from the same spot, matching exposure, aperture, and ISO as much as possible, cropping the 135 to duplicate the FOV of the zoom and comparing the images side by side.

The OP suggested that since the 135 is a much faster lens, and sharp wide open, the iso would be lower than with the 70-350 lens and this what I'm curious about. I think with same aperture and iso, the 135mm would lose...but its the former argument that I'm curious about. I have 135 f2, and the 70 350 so I may just try it myself . According to the OP, The sony 135 is as good, albeit at a lower iso, when cropped to 350 equivalent.

Seeing is believing...I would love to see comparison photos between the two lenses. I have the 70-350 and really enjoy it but it is really only a "good light" lens and for maximum performance I find myself shooting at f8 to f11 alot with subsequent higher than desired ISO. (particularly when you figure in high shutter speeds).

i did a very quick test with an ef135 at f2,  ( which is off topic from the OP, but i was curious, and the sony 135 is on my wish list) and the sony 70-350, same distance from subject ( about 100 feet), adjusted the iso, and the sony won hands down, except of course for noise. now, the canon lens is not a sony, and i think the canon front focused a bit, so its not as sharp as it could be...ran out of daylight so i will check again tonight. for now, here is quick resized comparison. sony lens f6.3 at 1000 iso, canon at 100 at f2.0  ( oh, and i hate the CA of the canon at f2.0 i typically stop down to f2.8, but for this test its at f2.0)

i think focus is off on left image, will do this experiment again later today.

going off on a tangent, here's the CA of the canon, compared to sony.  no contest here.

the canon ef135 is legendary, but it has it character flaws.  sorry to go way, way off topic.

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