Ring light for my camera

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Re: Ring light for my camera

Kelvin L wrote:

I've been looking into this myself for videoconferencing. Perhaps a regular LED panel with some diffusion on a separate stand is a better solution than the webcam ringlight. The mini ringlights used by some streamers seem to be too small for their purpose and end up looking about the same as a point light source.

Another option could be an LED tube (something like a Westcott Ice Light) set horizontally above the monitor, or two of them standing up vertically next to your monitor. Probably won't be within your $50 budget though.

How about McGyvering some LED strips around your monitor bezel?

As for capture cards/dongles... I get what you're saying... haven't been able to find an Elgato Camlink anywhere for months.

Was actually looking at something like this: https://lumecube.com/collections/streaming/products/video-conference-lighting-kit-for-remote-workers

The ring light was an idea just because I had a bit more familiarity with them, but trying to find a good setup seems challenging - I really would have loved to find a ring light where I can mount a camera inside it, but it seems tough to find one that's affordable.

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