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Re: How do you feel about combat-sports photography in main stream media?

vyoufinder wrote:

New Day Rising wrote:

As long as they are legal activities, there is no particular reason not to show the images.

This is neglecting all other reasons other than breaking the law. There are other reasons which matter.. unless you're a psychopath, that is.

I agree with you. There is a stack of other reasons for these activities not to be considered sports, for them not to be part of mainstream culture at all. I was more alluding to those with the second part of my answer, but without wanting to really get into the broader philosophical questions - another time, another place.

In the first part of the answer I was really saying that as long as they are legal, they are shown on television, anyone can buy tickets and go watch these events - then it would be illogical to prevent photos from the events being shown.

Whether they should be legal, whether they should be shown on television, whether they should be activities that anyone can go and watch are separate questions.

Maybe showing the most brutal and disturbing of the images will encourage movements towards having them banned. At some point our societies should mature past the point where we pay to watch people hurt each other. Perhaps we could just settle for sports where inflicting pain and damage is incidental to the main activity (eg, football) rather than the sole purpose of the 'sport'.

Unfortunately, you're right. As long as there is a demand, there will be a supply. If violence were replaced with sex and love (also in high(er) demand, society would reflect it and be a lot better off.

I absolutely agree.

For anyone who thinks media does not influence culture, they will need to explain why styles, languages, and culture worldwide in general is becoming more and more homogeneous, it is apparent where the influence comes from. Monkey see, monkey do, unfortunately is true.


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