What's a fair price for NX lenses these days?

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Re: What's a fair price for NX lenses these days?

Kisaha wrote:

james _ wrote:

i would have imagined many more NX users switched systems than simply stayed, creating more supply than demand. but i suppose it wasn't a very popular system to begin with, so sparse supply all around

There are a lot more users than we anticipate, most people with NX I know have stayed put as the NX cameras were significantly future proof (especially the latest NX1 and 500) and the rest are good enough for casual shooters, amateurs and enthusiasts.

A NX300 is good enough if you compare it with older Fuji and m43 cameras in general, and most Canon M and older dSLRs.

I very much agree with this. After I bought my first NX500 (well after Samsung pulled out), I was so impressed, I bought 2 more as back-ups. As a still shooter, it's almost perfect for me. A view finder and weather sealing would have been perfection. I also bought a NX1 on the strength of this experience. An absolute gem of a camera!

So, whilst Samsung may not be enticing many new users, some like me may be holding on to and investing further in their kit as they are quite happy with it's performance even in 2020.

I'm not a heavy user - but I have to say, to date I've not had a single failure or issue with any of the gear. Some of the kit has a low cost, 'plasticy' feel to it, but if not abused, behaves and lasts very well. I hope this is not tempting fate, but I feel it's worth saying.

The brand may be dead, but what is still in circulation will keep many of us happy for many years to come...I hope.

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