Wait for Ryzen 4000?

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Re: Wait for Ryzen 4000?

I was sat on the fence also around this, but I needed the new machine now so after much Youtubing and speaking to the Managing director of Chillblast in the Uk who ive known since a wee lad I took the plunge, for me it was a toss up between Intel and AMD most of my machines are Intel, after shifting from AMD 15 years ago

VGA wise ive always been AMD I just never got on with Nvidia, I had either issues or sporadic crashes to desktop etc, with the AMDs cards ive been bulletproof

Spec I finally went for was


64 gig Corsair Vengeance Black DDR 4 3200 Ryzen Tuned memory

750 W PSU Corsair Gold

2TB Firecuda 520 m.2 PCIe Gen 4 5000/4000 mb/s

Asus Rog Strik X570-F

Noctua NH-D15 Cooler

I don't plan to overclock it as the burst speeds are enough for the gains I,ll get, and on that it was advised I didn't and that was from 3 differing vendors, a few years back yes but these days not so much.

VGA card I,ll just use my old Vega 64, as the current market is in limbo for VGA as the new Nvidia cards are due end of year and also AMDs, although good knows how much a 3080 would be prob 1000+

I,ll then just pop in my old SSD and fat 3.5 inch drives for storage.

It became apparent to me from all the calls I made the biggest decision outside of the proc was the mainboard and nVME, the 570 is the sweet spot allowing full access to the CPU and allow Dual nVME drives in either raid 1 or 0 with an increase to 6500mb/sec read, which equates to about 5 seconds for a 10gig file.

I use mine for many things like 3d printer slicing, 4k Video and games, so AMD was the obvious choice, Intel was good and does give extra FPS in games like 10 on some but for the real work AMD eats it.

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