TG-6 Best settings for landscape photos without RAW processing

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Re: TG-6 Best settings for landscape photos without RAW processing

RetCapt wrote:

Based on my experience making (at least) 11X14" prints from TG and other small sensor cameras, is that post processing greatly improves my final image. So I fail to see the logic behind the assertion that post processing should not be required to get 'nice' shots out of a P&S camera. OTOH, the term 'nice' is something less than a specific adjective.

Following that line of logic, if it can be termed logic, it would follow that if post processing is not necessary to get 'nice' shots from a small sensor camera then post processing is not necessary to get 'nice' shots from larger sensor cameras since the larger sensor is assumed to render better SOOC images. So when does it become necessary to use post processing?

There may be limited validity to such an assertion if one is interested only in media images where the image stays small, and in conjunction with it small size, is not going to be closely scrutinized.

But as a generalization I disagree.

I have several systems, ranging from small sensor to full frame. My full frame DSLR is the only one where I have found, based on my limited experience since I don't use it that much, that I can use most of my images SOOC. But this camera, although now old, is a prosumer level camera where I can very precisely preset all the necessary parameters, so much of what I would normally do in post processing I have already done in the camera.

I used to have a older generation Sony cybershot (from year 2014) point and shoot (12Mega Pixel), and its auto mode gave excellent photos for landscape for sharing with friends on social media. They were not as good as DSLR pictures, but were as good as flagship smartphone pictures. Another example is that my samsung galaxy phone has a slightly smaller image sensor than TG-6, but takes better landscape pictures in auto mode. Hence, I assume it is possible for Olympus to build such capabilities in TG.

Note: This comparison is only about landscape pictures - Compared to my old sony point and shoot and samsung smartpjhone, TG excels other areas e.g macros, ruggedness, waterproofness and ease of use.

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