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Re: Ring light for my camera

tugwilson wrote:

Pendraggon87 wrote:

I'm looking to use my camera (Sony A7RIII) as a webcam, and am looking for an OK ring light to use. My lighting in my apartment isn't the best, and a ring light will definitely help.

I tried buying one of those ring lights that screw into the filter thread of the camera lens, but the vignetting was really bad, though the lighting was great. My current though in an ideal world is to find a tripod I can use on my desk (need a sturdy one with flat feet - my desk can move up and down), have a ring light attached and mount the camera inside the ring light.

However, all the lights I see on Amazon I can't figure out which ones will let me use an attachment to mount my camera and not a cell phone. Ideally trying to spend around $50 if possible.

Any ideas?

Put you camera on a tripod and put the ring light on a light stand in front of the camera so that the lens is in the middle of it. Don't try to mount an expensive camera on a cheap ring light.

Only concern with that approach is that I would end up needing a LOT of space - first for the camera tripod and then the ring tripod in front - any thoughts on a way to have space saving stands?  In my ideal world I would have something on my desk, or clamped on my desk, behind my monitor or to the side of it.  Right now the desk is flush against the wall, but I can probably move it back a foot.

I was really hoping the cheap ring light attached to the camera lens filter thread would do it, but unless I zoom in at 72mm I get vignetting pretty bad with the white light.

(dumb side question - my current process is to just use Sony's Remote tool, and then OBS studio to cast that - i can probably crop that so that it ignores the white ring, but is there any potential for damage to the camera using this so much - is it dumb to be worried about that bright light in the lens on a regular basis (besides the battery draining from both the camera and the mounted ring light attached))?

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