Can I use an light meter to get monitor brightness?

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There You Have It again

SmilerGrogan wrote:

But using a Light meter for the task of calibration and profiling a display? Not necessary, not possible.

The OP was only asking about the light output of his monitor, not calibration...

The topic and question: ”Can I use an light meter to get monitor brightness?”

The display needs a profile reflecting calibration for previews in color managed applications. That includes it's cd/m2 which isn't brightness, the gamut (measured RGB primaries), the TRC and the White Point. When done, the cd/m2, which isn't brightness IS measured as set. And more importantly, part of the profile that controls the preview of the image.

…which points to a much greater problem; it would seem that any notion of color management is gradually disappearing from the discussion.

The problem is ignoring color management and how applications produce previews that use color management. The problem is ignoring the fact calibration of a display both provide the cd/m2 desired, measures what the OP seeks and controls what and how he sees the image.

It’s the result of a rather arrogant form of photographic nihilism that has taken root in some of the forums.

Rather, the result of ignoring the facts of how displays produce previews in color managed applications while allowing the target of cd/m2 which is not brightness.

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