What is your adapted lens "system"

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Re: What is your adapted lens "system"

EF as midway mount
I used to be a Pentaxian so I had a lot of Pentax glass. I shifted to Fuji so I decided to have a dumb PK-FX adapter. THen, I bought a focal reducer EF-FX Lens Turbo ii because of the flange distance. Now, I have a 2 adapter system which basically doubles the focal lengths that I have:

Camera adapters
1. EF-FX Focal Reducer
2. EF-FX Dumb adapter
3. EF-NEX adapter

Lens adapters
1. M42-EF
2. PK-EF
4. N AI - EF
5. C/Y - EF

I know I'm missing out on other mounts but this is sufficient enough for me. Lot's of M42 and EXA lenses here in Germany.

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