Focus Shift Shooting - can we end the guesswork?

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Re: Focus Shift Shooting - can we end the guesswork?

jlafferty wrote:

Well, if you don't understand or don't use tethering, then for sure you'll fail to see how Capture One helps. It's a raw capture and processing app. It has a sophisticated Live View module which, among other things, now has a focus stack component which was developed to help tackle exactly the problem described here. From my limited understanding of it - even in the article I linked - the implications are the opposite of what you imply.

I suggest you look into it more, or not, it's up to you.

Now I understand. I failed to see that it was tethered, therefore controlling the camera. That will be of benefit to many photographers. For me, not so much. If I was shooting a macro in a studio setting, I might be able to use it. But, studio based macro would be a small portion of what I would shoot. Most of my work will be in the field, where tethering a computer is not convenient, if even possible. thanks for the post.

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