What is your adapted lens "system"

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Re: What is your adapted lens "system"

Brian Chichester wrote:

I started out adapting lenses because I had some old Minolta MD lenses from my film days,


which I realised could be repurposed cheaply on my M4/3 camera.


Then I started noticing some old M42 lens bargains (in places such as charity shops) which I now knew could be used with adapters. So I had parallel MD and M42 lens line-ups as well as a few native lenses.


I was on the slippery slope, and it was only when I bought a DKL to M42 adapter so I could use a 'bargain' Schneider Retina lens that the full extent of my fall became clear.

Replace with QBM +1

Just about anything will adapt to M4/3 because of the short register, but the focal length multiplier affects one's choices.

So, there's no system, just a continual effort to exercise restraint.


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