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Re: How do you feel about combat-sports photography in main stream media?

By standing on the Shoulders of Giants wrote:

I'm a DPR photochallenge host and also an MMA enthusiast who trains in a bit of striking, wrestling and jiujitsu. This week I host a challenge called #CageFighting

Maybe you should have expressed your question that way in the first place by posting a link to your challenge:

Then you could ask people if they think your keyword list describing what you want to see works well for a mainstream audience.

'In this challenge, submit a photo of 2 fighters combat-fighting in what appears to be a metal cage (no training/spar shots please). Keywords suggestion : punches, kicks, elbows, knees, stomps, strangles, positional controls, locks, takedowns, slams, adrenaline, adult humans, intensity, cardio,gas tank, hurt, blood'

and was met with a long comment by a member who said there's some sort of morality problem with my challenge.

I don't know about morality being at stake here, but an examination of your tactfulness in posting a challenge that way could be useful.

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