Your experiences with a long, fixed focal length, say 600mm?

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Re: Your experiences with a long, fixed focal length, say 600mm?

For much of the photography I like to do a 600mm lens would be ideal.  A 600 is perfect for wildlife (bears and wolves in Alaska and Yellowstone where approaching them would be unwise, unsafe and may simply chase them away; even for small mammals such as Pika which tend to be very skittish and may not come close enough for a 300mm or 400mm lens), birds in the middle of lakes or in flight.  I've even used long telephotos to photograph prairie chickens and grouse from blinds if I want a close up. I have used long lenses to photograph auto racing where spectators are restricted to areas too far away to make decent photos. And I have used them sometimes during air shows where some interesting aircraft are fairly high in the sky. A 600m lens is indeed a specialty lens, and is rather expensive and heavy, so you need to establish a real need for one, but one you own one, it is hard to live without it.

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