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Re: Teleconvertors

I've used the TC1.4 III, TC1.4II, and TC1.7II on a 300mm F2.8 pretty extensively, as well as on a 500mm F4 AF-S II (Non-VR).    The TC1.4s can reliably be shot wide open, although I prefer to stop the TC14II down 1/3rd of a stop to get back up to **near** native lens acuity.   
The TC17II is a bit of a different beast, and many people hate it.   I found on my 300mm F2.8 it performed well as long as I stopped down to F5.6, essentially giving me a poor man's 500mm F5.6 with the added wait of a 300mm F2.8.  
Worth noting I primarily shoot on the single digit bodies which have considerably lower resolution than the D800/D850 series, which can certainly hide some flaws.  
In any event, I've found them to be useful tools to have in the bag.   I've never tried the 2x conveters as I generally prefer to have the autofocus a little more accurate, which means I need more light hitting the AF sensors.

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- Danny

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