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Re: How do you feel about combat-sports photography in main stream media?

I'm a DPR photochallenge host and also an MMA enthusiast who trains in a bit of striking, wrestling  and jiujitsu.  This week I host a challenge called #CageFighting and was met with a long comment by a member who said there's some sort of morality problem with my challenge.

I was quite surprised as it's probably my third time or more which I threw photochallenges on combat and martial arts in the past.

I also don't understand how a sports which

  • is as mainstream as tennis, soccer and basketball
  • is live-broadcast regularly on ESPN  and FoxSports (which is owned by The Walt Disney Company Inc)  as well as to freetoair tv channels over Asia,
  • is available for viewing over YouTube (without age restriction)
  • with clips strewn all over Facebook/Tweeter 
  • photos splash all over mainstream media such as Yahoo, NYTimes, The Washington Post

is not a suitable theme for a DPR photochallenge because it might be offensive.  I find this ironic that a photo of combat-fighting genre is fit to grace The Washington Post, is now being pushed as unsuitable to be displayed in DPR (despite both of the firms being owned by the same man).

As a final note, if DPR decides that it would not display cagefighting photos, I would totally respect and accept their decision to ban shots of these genre.

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