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Re: How do you feel about combat-sports photography in main stream media?

TripleCoatedBokeh wrote:

Jonsi wrote:

What's wrong with the media presenting something honestly for a change?

Or is it that because you don't like something, it shouldn't exist?

Yeah, i don't really understand the "i dont like it so it should be banned" fodder for culture wars.

I'm not sure if you were referring to one of the responses here, but that's not my position.

I would like to see society reach a position where it decides by general or majority consensus that we would be better off without these sports. That they become unfashionable, as it were.

But I don't feel strongly enough to advocate for this kind of change and I certainly don't think they should be banned just because I don't like them.

There are plenty of issues with combat sports that are up for debate, but outright banning them because someone doesn't like them is silly. No one's pushing these images down your throat and it's pretty easy to avoid if it upsets someone that much.


Should we ban nature documentaries that show animals killing each other?


where do you draw the line?

Wherever a mature and informed society decides to draw it.

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