What is your adapted lens "system"

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Re: What is your adapted lens "system"

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I recently got into adapting "vintage" lens with my Fuji X-E3. Originally I was only thinking about attaching a few M mount lenses that I already have. Then I read about lens characters, swirly bokeh, hidden gems, radio active elements. I started with Minolta 50mm PG 1.4 and macro thinking about building an SR mount kit. It took me a long time and a lot of research to decide on this mount. But then I randomly won a Vivitar 135mm close focus in FD mount at a good price. Not to mention I recently bought a set of Pentax 110 primes to play with. I also have a few Nikon AF lenses lying around that I haven't touched. There are also some "must haves" like Helios 44 and Jupiter 8 that I am waiting to get. One last thing, I really don't like Fuji crop sensor only system so might eventually switch to some other full frame body.

So, with the original intent to cut down on adapters and I still ended up with a lot of adapters. Most of which are XX to Fuji so if I switch digital body system then I have to rebuy all the adapters. I think I want to be more intentional about building a "kit". I have no intention of becoming a vintage camera collector and really don't want to have a collection of lenses and mounts that do mostly the same things. I was wondering how you guys manage your own kit when there's practically sea of affordable gems out there.

Welcome to adapter hell.

Basically you already know what you are doing and it comes down to either biting the bullet and getting the requisite adapters for each mount/camera combination - or you could standardize around the Leica M mount. Thus you might get adapters for Exakta => M, M42 => M, FDn => M, Om => M Leica R => M, LTM => M etc. etc.

Cap this whith one good adapter for Leica M => Fuji X. Now if ever you decide to get another camera, say Sony E mount, all you need is one adapter for Leica M => E.

One caveat here is that this stacking of adapters really calls for tight tolerances and that is something that the chinese manufacturers are, ahem, currently working on. They are, however, much improved over cheap adapters from ten years ago, so mostly it will work.

For your Pentax 110 primes you will need one adapter for each mount as the flange distance is far too short to use with Leica M. Also, be sure to get an adapter with built-in iris, it is worth it.

You can't discount your filters size.when adapting either. If your filters are 58mm and your adapted lenses are smaller/bigger you need adapter.

Very true, although that would be the other end of the lens, right?

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