What's a fair price for NX lenses these days?

Started Aug 10, 2020 | Questions thread
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Re: What's a fair price for NX lenses these days?

james _ wrote:

i would have imagined many more NX users switched systems than simply stayed, creating more supply than demand. but i suppose it wasn't a very popular system to begin with, so sparse supply all around

There are a lot more users than we anticipate, most people with NX I know have stayed put as the NX cameras were significantly future proof (especially the latest NX1 and 500) and the rest are good enough for casual shooters, amateurs and enthusiasts.

A NX300 is good enough if you compare it with older Fuji and m43 cameras in general, and most Canon M and older dSLRs.

NX1/NX500 do not overheat for at least 70 minutes straight, 4K video with advanced bitrates (hacking), still best user interface/touch implementation, amazing ergonomics (for both in their categories), 28mgpxls BSI sensor, amazingly fast operation and fps, very clever lens selection for most people (great small/tiny pancakes, cheap prices, amazing S pro lenses - but just 2 of them, only system with native fish eye, e.t.c)

From next year with more releases from Fuji/Panasonic (we are expecting video workhorses from both) there will be a definite shift though, but mostly from professionals.

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