Image stabilization while using a tripod

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Re: Image stabilization while using a tripod

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Should I turn off image stabilization when I am taking a landscape shot with a tripod? I would like to mention that I’m shooting with a Canon crop sensor, and one of the lenses listed at bottom might be used. I add this detail, as my understanding is that with some older lenses it was suggested that you should turn it off, whereas newer EF and EF-S lenses can detect if there is no movement at all and automatically switch the IS off internally themselves. For the purposes of this scenario, my tripod is on rock solid ground (no vibration). Potential glass: Canon 10-18mm EF-S STM, Canon 55-250mm EF-S STM

Yes, definitely turn off VR on a tripod. The Z's IBIS doesn't seem to turn off on a tripod and sometimes jumps around seemingly for no reason.

Just yesterday I took some tripod shots and about half showed motion blur when pixel peeping after I got home. Because I forgot to turn off IBIS.

Here’s the thing, I’m not referring to IBIS, just the lens IS. Is the Z going to react the same as this Canon 77D does? (thanks:)

The lens VR and IBIS cannot be controlled independently on Z cameras. If you turn off lens VR, it will also turn off IBIS. If you turn on the VR, it will be VR + IBIS.

The Z cameras cannot detect a tripod automatically unfortunately. There are a few threads on this topic--for example, I remember a recent thread where someone took a video of a sunset from a tripod, and when sped up the frame was moving around. Likely culprit: VR.

Here's the thread:

So turn off the VR on a tripod.

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