What is your adapted lens "system"

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Re: What is your adapted lens "system"

Will X wrote:

I recently got into adapting "vintage" lens with my Fuji X-E3. Originally I was only thinking about attaching a few M mount lenses that I already have. Then I read about lens characters, swirly bokeh, hidden gems, radio active elements. I started with Minolta 50mm PG 1.4 and macro thinking about building an SR mount kit. It took me a long time and a lot of research to decide on this mount. But then I randomly won a Vivitar 135mm close focus in FD mount at a good price. Not to mention I recently bought a set of Pentax 110 primes to play with. I also have a few Nikon AF lenses lying around that I haven't touched. There are also some "must haves" like Helios 44 and Jupiter 8 that I am waiting to get. One last thing, I really don't like Fuji crop sensor only system so might eventually switch to some other full frame body.

So, with the original intent to cut down on adapters and I still ended up with a lot of adapters. Most of which are XX to Fuji so if I switch digital body system then I have to rebuy all the adapters. I think I want to be more intentional about building a "kit".

I have no intention of becoming a vintage camera collector and really don't want to have a collection of lenses and mounts that do mostly the same things.

I said exactly this a month after starting out with a ...Minolta 58/1.4 PG. I also have a lot of adapters , want to cut down on lenses but I try to use as many (to avoid the collector label) and, I think it was yesterday...I bought (bad deal, too expansive) my fist Large Format lens in XexcelL shutter, a dagor from around 1910 that may be broken. BUT, I am still trying to cut down on lenses.

I was wondering how you guys manage your own kit when there's practically sea of affordable gems out there.

I decided to stick to very very few “one offs” and created about 5-6 bags. For other systems I may have one or two, sometimes 3 lenses max, and bowed to never get more of them.

So the bags are:

Topcor RE (plus the three R Autos)

Rollei QBM

Contax/Russian Kiev sets


Zeiss EXA

Zoom Set: Contax Vario-Sonnar (28 to 300mm)

I do have a Helios. Two Contarex. 3 Pentax. 3 Yashica ML. A few Meyer, Schacht, and unique things like one Kilfit.

It’s hard to draw a line. And in reality, I noticed when I take photos, I prefer max 3 lens options. They restrict me, and force me to be more intentful but also allow me to be more spontaneous (since, you adopt a photographic mind of the FL you have mounted).

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