TG-6 Best settings for landscape photos without RAW processing

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Re: TG-6 Best settings for landscape photos without RAW processing

Smaug01 wrote:

smithaa02 wrote:

I take ton's of landscape photos on my TG-6. The following are my favorite settings:

  • Use 1 second delay for crisp images
  • i-enhance > low for blue skies

^ I think this is probably what will satisfy the original poster the most.

Agreed to turn down sharpening.

I don't think post-processing should be required to get nice shots out of a P&S camera. Though I have to admit I like the photos he posted as-is. The colors look good and realistic. It's likely the ones from your phone would look "overcooked" to a lot of us.

agreed on the following- 1) i-enhance-low is helping with blue skies.  2) post processing shouldn't be required in a P&S camera . Plus, auto mode of P&S camera should give good pictures for landscapes, but unfortunately thats not the case for TG.
btw: in addition to above , Increasing saturation seems to be helping with deeper colors. A & P mode are helping give more control..

Question: where is the setting for delay in TG-6? [is it self-timer?]

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