Intentional Color Corrections Planned for Display in Ambient Light

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Re: Intentional Color Corrections Planned for Display in Ambient Light

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Just thought of it, now. In the Studio and Lighting Technique Forum, it is sometimes discussed how to photograph flat 2D art of all kinds. If one is to photograph an old master that incorporates simultaneous and metameric color, etc., they are faced with trying to reproduce those effects in the photos. Often as not, this is not a consideration and reduction of reflections and balancing the light from mono units across the art work takes precedence to the exclusion of consideration for reproducing the original Master's intentional use of colors that might be metameric, simultaneous and frequency spread. To wit, their carefully taken photos do not capture the true nature of the art that makes it a work of genius due to its early consideration of lighting fundamentals.

So, could it have been done, if the photographer knew enough to consider achieving the results that would truly capture what made that art a work of genius?

When photographing artwork, you also need to worry about reflections and surface texture. Imagine a painting that is mostly a matt finish paint, with some metallic silver or metallic gold paint. Reflections change the appearance of the art, as you view it from different angle. Some parts of the art may be more reflective than others.

Similarly, many painting have texture. An area of the canvas may me a solid color, but texture is being used.

Van Gogh was known to use very heavy brush strokes as a technique to catch light in his paintings and create texture.

There is always the issue that the color gamut of the reproducing device may not be able to reproduce the color gamut of the original.

Metameric issues is just one of many issues when attempting to reproduce artwork.

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