What is your adapted lens "system"

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A "system" usually is cobbled together

I started with Russian LTM mount lenses. They were even cheaper then and our AUD$ was strong and I only needed LM-LTM ring adapter for each of them as I was using a Ricoh GXR-M at the time. So an adapter for each lens. I soon realised that there were not that many Russian as their confusing numbering system might have indicated. So why not get a selection? Of course there were limits as the rare ones were very expensive and very hard to find. Even prototypes were disposed of. Then I found that their M42 types were also not as numerous as first thought* and arguably of a slightly better build standard. Now I was buying one M42-LM adapter as the need to have an adapter per lens did not seem so pressing.

* The Helios-44 is an exception all of its own - there were literally millions made and maybe as many as 20 versions of it over several different factories. Just collecting the H-44 could be a cause all on its own.

I was going to only buy LTM/LM and M42 but have “backslid” into FD, DKL, M645, Pentax-110, Altix (!!?) ... I already had PK but have resisted going further, Minolta - only two, Exakta - just a few, Nikon - none, Olympus - none, a few “singles” of others (more accidents and curiosity) ... My early EF lenses have become an adapted mount system all on their own. Travelled from Canon EF dslr to Sony E/FE to M4/3 added Panasonic L - I can go back to Sony E/FE if I ever choose to do so and with suitable adapters I can re-use them on Canon RF, EF-M, Nikon Z, Fuji X should I ever choose to do so. Seems to a better deal to get adequate performance from adapted EF lenses than commit wholly to collecting another series of electronic system lenses and committing myself to only using that system.

Which of course leads to the principal attraction of legacy MF lenses - not only can we use lenses made for many mount systems by choice but we can also use them on many camera system hosts. The lenses are priced such that almost any budget could be within range and only the electronic and focal reduction adapters could be said to anything like expensive.

My cheapest adapters were a set of 20 made LTM-M4/3 for AUD$3.40 each posted. This is about US$2.20 in today’s money. They were bought from China but posted form Laos. Machined from sold aluminium but their registration distance was perfect and they can do the job. As digital LTM bodies don’t exist and they were much cheaper than even LTM-LM adapter rings it was worth dedicating an adapter per lens.

I generally don’t double adapt as there is always a chance that registration errors can multiply. But I find that M645 is actually easier to adapt to EF and then from EF to M4/3. In the process I can optionally insert EF-M4/3 focal reduction and/or M645-EF shift and/or EF-M4/3 tilt.

I did not provide you with a system and only an addiction warning and the need for a system. But when I store my lenses I store them by maker and that generally sorts out the made mount system in the process. I have a set of specimen drawers where I store battery types, chargers, and a collection of spare adapters.

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