What processing and ownership of pictures do you accept?

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What processing and ownership of pictures do you accept?

What kind of pictures or processing do you as a voter or as a host accept in the DPR challenges?

Naturally every individual member has his/her own views, and every challenge might be slightly different, but as far as I have noted there does exist some kind of consensus.

Lately one member has however made interpretations that I find rather strange, and against what I have seen or been told by others during my 8 years as a DPR member.

  1. Do you expect entered pictures to be shot by the entrant himself, or do you accept that an entrant just needs to ”own” a picture, i.e meaning that he is free to enter challenges with pictures purchased from another photographer. And even pose as the photographer in DPR challenges. This has been claimed to be acceptable by one member.
  2. Do you accept that parts from another photograph are added to a photograph entered to a DPR challenge. One example is replacing the sky with a sky from another picture. Another (real) example was adding more flying birds to a photograph already having flying birds. (That picture was later DQ).

If you were allowed to enter pictures you have purchased into the challenges and/or you were allowed to add parts from other pictures to entered pictures, then the DPR photo challenges would turn into some kind of digital art forum, or some kind of social media photo sharing site.

That wasn't even the idea by DPR themselves when the challenge forum was founded.


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