Can I use an light meter to get monitor brightness?

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There You Have It

SmilerGrogan wrote:

Once again proving that thinking out loud in public is rarely a good idea.

Depends on the quality of the thinking.

But I do stand by my suggestion to edit in a dark room with only a nightlight for illumination.

That's a very good idea san's the nightlight: You can't have the environment too dark, it can be too light. Or during the day with an invention called curtains. Preferably room darkening. Black foam core is the photographers friend too.

There is this too:

With the light output levels of current display technology, an ambient light level of 4 lux is an optimal compromise. While a lower light level would provide better results, it’s impractical. You need to be able to walk around your environment.

Oh, and turn off the auto brightness adjustment.

Yes! Since it invalidates calibration and the resulting profile used for producing a preview.

But using a Light meter for the task of calibration and profiling a display? Not necessary, not possible.

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