Intentional Color Corrections Planned for Display in Ambient Light

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Re: Intentional Color Corrections Planned for Display in Ambient Light

flyinglentris wrote:

Are there situations where the display ambient lighting requires a planned color treatment for photographic images to ensure that the color look normal in those conditions?

I don't know. Has anyone come across one? I mean, I assume it would be for a print (I know you're specifically talking about prints) that is not anticipated to move from a particular display area.

On a related note, I've visited lots of museum photo exhibits, and most of the time the lighting seems fine to me even though it's not consistent among them all. However, on my most recent trip to The Getty in Los Angeles, I was appalled at the terrible lighting in an extensive exhibit of photos. It was so dimly lit that nothing could be appreciated. Totally ruined the experience. It was this one:

Don't believe the shot of people standing in the gallery. It was much darker than that.

Here's a photo that my wife took in the exhibit (personal photography was allowed). You can work out the approximate illumination level from the EXIF:

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