Intentional Color Corrections Planned for Display in Ambient Light

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Re: Intentional Color Corrections Planned for Display in Ambient Light

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

flyinglentris wrote:

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

This problem will fall under the research topic of "Color appearance models". Here is the Wikipedia article on the subject:

And here is a book you might want to study:

Good luck!

Thanks for references. That PDF has 409 pages and that's a lot of expose' on the topic. I'll have to schedule it into my reading.

I'd first go over the Wikipedia article to see if that can tell you whether or not to proceed further. The book I linked is an old version of a standard textbook on the subject, and while it does cover a lot about light and human vision which may be of general interest, it may be more than what you need.

The PDF is 15 years old, written as a 2005 revision. That means that a lot of its content probably shows up in current imaging products, from cameras to post processing software, with special regard for Color Management. I did some searching to confirm this and it appears to be the case, accounting for the great differences in features that I see in Affinity Photo and Designer, compared to my old CS4 Photoshop and Illustrator. In fact, it has helped me understand many of those features whereas prior to reading this PDF, I had simply waded in and used the features as given, instructionally. It helps immensely to know what's under the hood.  And it suggests more, including compression algorithms and artifact corrections for image files, etc.

I found Fairchild's PDF a good read, even with it being 15 years old and the equations frequently peppered in. It gives a good historical progression of development of Image processing going back into the 1980s (and prior) to 2005 and fills in a lot of details on CIE progression from tristimulus Human perception through instrumentation and on to image appearance models as they might be used in software (HDR, Tonal Compression, etc .).

Thanks for the reference.

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