Macro shot Silerella Vittata male a real beauty!!!

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Re: Macro shot Silerella Vittata male a real beauty!!!

junmoe62 wrote:

Hi everyone,

I just got an opportunity to shoot macro portraits of a male Silerella Vittata jumping spider. It really is an amazing looking spider so I though I would share the pictures with you!

When seeing this kind of awesome critter, one is forced to realize that nature is by far the best designer and human still have a long way to go before reaching that level of perfection!

This little guy just got it all! Golden legs with black pompoms and purple reflections, green iridescent eyes, Incredible teal and orange scales mosaic. A stunner!

I hope you’ll like the pictures! Please feel free to comment and let me know what and how I could improve them. Please don’t hesitate to leave negative feedback, as long as you explain why you think it’s bad!!

Pictures description :

Macro portrait shot of a male Silerella Vittata jumping spider on a fern leaf.
Single shot handheld
Subject size = ~5mm leg span

Gear :
Olympus Em1 X
Olympus 60mm F2.8 1:1 macro
Olympus MC-20 2x Teleconverter
16mm extension tube

Thanks for watching!

No, thank you! This is excellent!



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- sergey

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