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Re: Payback or “just in time”?

Landscapephoto99 wrote:

LightCameraAction wrote:

I agree, it's hard to tell what Olympus Camera's financial difficulties have been. One thing that we do know is that the camera market is shrinking.

From the Olympus standpoint, I suspect that they will need to streamline their product line. I think they currently sell 5 different camera body models, which I suspect is not sustainable given their market share and the overall camera market.

They may also need to look at innovate ways of doing business. For instance, could they slow their product development cycle and have a paid firmware update to add features at the halfway point? Processors and other components are pretty good these days. Maybe that would help amortization of the camera body hardware?

Really, I think Olympus Camera needs to accept that they will serve a niche market and scale their business accordingly. The good news is that few companies are investing in small sensor cameras and lenses (Fuji is the only exception I can think of). This provides an opportunity.

(And, yes I am aware of the equivalence size arguments...but the smallest full frame lenses tend to be approximately equal in size to the largest micro 4/3 lenses).

I agree. The market is all for smaller sensor cameras, APSC and m43, and there is certain neat stuff you can only do with small sensor cameras,

Aside from the weight, what would that neat stuff be?

but it seems that with few exceptions the big brands are all pushing consumers toward bigger and heavier FF. Look at Sony APSC offerings and all the best gear they develop is FF. For APSC, the line is that consumers should buy FF lenses so that they will be ready to upgrades to a real camera, ie. FF, they will be ready. The results is: Gearheads love it, but the rest of the market is dumping cameras for smart phones.

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