Canon R5 vs Sony A7SIII vs 1dx Mark III - The Ultimate Video Shootout

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No.1 Selling a7III

Are you buying an A7siii?

I have an A7riv. A much better camera. 5 times the resolution.

Crop 2x and it’s still better. The 200-600 is like a 400-1200mm lens with more resolution than the A7siii.

the A7iii will continue to be the most popular until the A7iv.

And the A9ii is best for sports and action. It’s double the A7siii resolution.

Sonys 3 best cameras, especially for stills: A7riv, A9ii, A7iii

The A7Riii should be in there too. So those are the 4 best Sony cameras for stills.

I can even edit my low light images with topaz AI then reduce them to 12MP and get more detail than the A7siii  could ever dream of.
did you know that if you crop an A7siii picture just a little, it won’t fill up a 4K screen? A 2x crop would only fill up a 3rd of the screen.
worst thing you could do is buy a 5k monitor and an A7siii.

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