Focus Shift Shooting - can we end the guesswork?

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Re: Focus Shift Shooting - can we end the guesswork?

NCB wrote:

I believe Panasonic (and possibly Olympus) has a reasonably easy to understand setup for focus stacking. Something like set near and far focus limits and number of steps you want in between. That would suit me. But nobody else seems to do it like that. It may or may not be the perfect way of doing it, but it's at least understandable.

Jim Kasson has some blog posts about this but they're pretty technical.  It's not a simple calculation for the average photographer, but it's certainly possible for the camera processor which has all the information it needs, at least if you're using a Nikon lens.   FSS js a powerful feature which has professional applications - it deserves better than this dumb, half-baked UI.

Someone could conceivably do a phone app that crunches the numbers although it would require us to enter all the  parameters.

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