Viltrox Speedbooster at Canon M6 Mark II electronic issues

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Re: Viltrox Speedbooster at Canon M6 Mark II electronic issues

smartintech wrote:

Hi everybody,

i use a Canon EOS M6 MarkII with the Viltrox Speedbooster, that counteracts the 1.6 crop of the cam by a factor of 0.71 which is great for EF lenses > 24 mm.

Short facts, then my issue:

This Adapter has some electronics inside which hook up to the communication between camera and lens in order to convert e.g. the aperture value of a 2.8 lens to 2.0 for the camera to display this and write it to the metadata. And that's fine.

Along with that it converts the focal length by it's own 0.71 factor. But this is not the truth for later reviews, as it doesn't consider the camera's crop factor of 1.6

So always keep in mind that the metadata is only party correct.

Focal length does not have to do with crop factor. It is one of the characteristics of a specific lens. If a speedbooster or a teleconverter is attached to the lens, the focal length in total is changed. So the modification of the speedbooster is doing right.

Now i found two issues with this adapter, that i want to discuss here:

First the power consumption of this thing is really high, as it drains the battery over night completely. That leads me to the question, why the camera still powers the connectors to the lens when switched off ?

I assume that everyone has the same issue with this booster. I do not leave it attached to my camera.

The second issue is more tricky and has a lead to the first one:

After a longer period of time (still analysing the conditions) the electronics in the adapter quit working correctely.

I cannot adjust the aperture from 2.8 of my lens down to 2.0 anymore. Turning the wheel changes aperture on the LCD of the cam and inside the lens, but not down to the value of 2.0 as it does before with the same charged battery installed.

To fix this, i disconnect the adapter from the camera and connect it again. It then works as intended.

I suffer the similar issue when I use my old EF 50mm 1.4. In the first place, it works as intended. But after turning off and on the camera, the chip in the adapter does not seem to work correctly. It does not modify the focal length in meta files nor allow me to change the aperture down to F/1.0. As you mentioned, it does not seem to work electrically although working optically. In order to use F/1.0 again, I have to initialize something by pulling the battery out and putting it in again. I am told that this situation depends on lenses because other 50mm users do not suffer it.

The interesting thing with this is, that the battery lasts a lot longer, when the adapter is in this failure state.

After my "reset" the adapter works again and the battery was drained just a few hours later with the cam lying around switched off.

So my assumption is, that either the adapter hangs or it puts itself into some suspend mode, because it need less power when in this mode.

For the reasons, I wish that it had the option without any electronic operation inside the adapter. I would be satisfied with the optics along with just passing electric signals from lens to body.

Unfortunately the firmware version of the adapter always says 1.4. No matter if it's the 1.2 or the 1.4

Any hints to this phenomenon are welcome!

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