Canon R5 vs Sony A7SIII vs 1dx Mark III - The Ultimate Video Shootout

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Nice review. clearly which is best is best on what you value most

I think they did a very nice job reviewing many aspects.  but your choice, in large part will depend on what you value.

Both did not like r5 b/c of over heating.  However the r5 had at 4k hq clearly the best image quality, and also the best stablizaiton if you are shooting hand held.  So, if the use of an external monitor solves the overheating issue of 4k uq,  for professional shoot it may be the best option for many.

At the same time, the sony had clearly the best high ISO performance.  so if your shooting darker venues with available light, its far and away the best option.  also it has teh best slow motion options again by far, which may be very important for your style of shooting.

Also they talk about cost of accessories, comparing a 70 dollar difference in cost of batteries, or a wireless microphone and giving points to that.  However, if you are say a wild life videographer, who wants AF, the cost and availability of  canon high end long glass, as well as 3rd party glass, makes a huge difference in cost of the rig.

A good review for sure, as it touched  up on many of the differences between cameras.  which is best for you depends on which of those categories you value most.

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