Sony 90mm G Macro vs Voigtlander 110mm Macro APO

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Re: Sony 90mm G Macro vs Voigtlander 110mm Macro APO

mujana wrote:

Thnxs arneh!

So manual focus is no harder than on a lens with contacts. Although you will have to switch to magnified view manually instead of it happening with twisting focus ring.

switching on camera...can it stay in magnified view while focussing. Or do I have to switch over and over again?

Yes, of course The camera doesn't know if you're focusing or not (it's without contacts remember), so it will stay magnified until you turn the magnification off again or press the shutter (I also think you can set a time limit, if you prefer).
Easiest of course if you assign a custom button to magnified view, then it's quick to magnify and return to regular unmagnified view.

The "focus standard" button option can also be used. In AF mode it will change focus area, while in MF it will magnify.

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