What is Arca Swiss?

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Re: What is Arca Swiss?

pforsell wrote:

BidinTime wrote:

I hit Post prematurely and you replied (quickly) so I couldn't edit. Thank you.

Here's my complaint:

I have two tripod-ballheads by different manufacturers. Both say they are Arca compatible. But the QR plates are not interchangeable. So, being Arca compatible is kind of meaningless. Is that the proprietary standard that you're talking about?

Is the only way to have compatible QR plates to swap out the ballheads, so they have a common manufacturer (and plate)?

First world problems, I know.

If you only buy clamps, heads, plates and foots made by reputable companies like Arca-Swiss, RRS, Kirk, Acratech, Wimberley they always fit.

If you buy $2 plates from China all bets are off. They can call them compatible with whatever, but most likely they haven't even seen the Arca-Swiss specs ever, only a cell phone photo of some other manufacturer's ball head.

I wouldn't buy "compatible" spare parts from East Asian eBay to my car, either.

That said I have at least 20+ chinese Arca Swiss products off aliexpress, ball heads, plates, large rails, L-Brackets etc and they all fit perfectly, no issues at all. They all have the thumb screw fitting, and come with the little fall off stopper screws on the ends.

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