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Hi guys, I am thinking about buying a 35mm lens. I have got the MKI with me to test it. First of all what would you recommend to test to check if the lens is in good condition? First thing that I can remember is any misalignment. Anything else you can suggest?
For example using FoCal tests to check sharpness, AF accuracy, etc is ok as well?

Now the other question I has was: is it worth to go to the MKII? Is it worth the differece? It is more sharp indeed but the price is sharper too.

Another thing. I am not a person to go to third party lenses but I just read about the tamron 35mm f/1.4 SP and it looks like it is much better than this MKI version and I don't know if I should buy that on from new (690 pounds new from panamoz with 3y warranty) or buy this one from an used shop marked as excellent with 1y warranty at 710 pounds? This canon was manufactured in 2008 if the numbers engraved are correct.

I am also planing to go to the EOS R in the end of the current year or beginning of the next one.

Any advice is welcome. Thanks.

if you decide to stay with this lens (or any lens), the most crucial test is to check its AF. make sure it doesn't front/back focuses. that can become a big headache. second, look through the lenses and make sure the is no fungus hiding somewhere, even a tiny piece. third, make sure that the focus ring is turning smoothly, as it should. fourth, and the last, make sure focus is not de-centered, if it is, take back as soon as you can

make sure you take pictures at all F stops and see if everything looks good. i have this lens and i like it a lot. it is very sharp and has very good color rendition. its only achillies heel is: bad CA. so avoid backgrounds with too much bright contrast, if possible.

Thanks for your advice. Decided to return. It is just to soft at f1.4 and I am a person whom shoots always wide open with exception when I have more that two or three people. The MKi is just too soft.

The tamron heard wonders about it. However one thing that I saw in a review was the skin tones in the tamron are different when compared to the MKII (canon). It is very saturated. I will have to investigate more and assess this.

In regards to testing a decentred lens, how do you do this?

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