ISO invariance understanding it - just checking something

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Re: ISO invariance understanding it - just checking something

burning1rr wrote:

CESA wrote:

Thanks for your reply Bill.

Was asking this because apparently the camera that I currently owe, a 6D isn't ISO invariant so one should be careful with the ISO options.

In my experience, using the correct ISO in-camera produces more flattering results than scaling the image in post. I try to be cautious regardless of the invariance of the camera. Most of this is related to posterization, banding and the aesthetic properties of analog noise.

IMO, the main limit on the 6D is that your ability to underexpose the mids and shadows is somewhat more limited.

On an invariant camera with a high dynamic range, I'll frequently expose for the sky. That tends to push the midtones into the shadow range, but I can recover that in post. The 6D won't produce the same results.

That's the limiting facto hence why I have started to look into these finer details. If you know the location you are shooting at different times.of the day you know which shutter speed is important to control motion blur you have to set your ISO accordingly provided you want a certain aperture to create the look and feel. The only way is to try to know by heart two or three ISO that grants you the shutter speed you want with maximum DR possible.

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