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Re: Licencing from Canon/Nikon/Fuji Re: New Sigma observation

Strangefinder wrote:

Vunite wrote:

The observation from Sigma I need is to see them releasing the Canon counterparts. As far as I know, they did say they want to go native on RF as well?

I read or saw an interview with Yamaki-san in which he clarified that Sigma reverse engineers Canon protocols AFTER negotiating a licence from them. Whether this is a legal or commercial necessity I'm not sure, but the ball is in Canon's court. Same goes with Fuji and Nikon.

If Sigma negotiated licensing agreement with Canon why do they need to reverse engineer the protocol?

What you are talking about is L-mount Alliance. It is not between Sigma and Nikon or Canon. It is between Leica Camera, Sigma and Panasonic.

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