Your experiences with a long, fixed focal length, say 600mm?

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Re: Your experiences with a long, fixed focal length, say 600mm?

Andersonm wrote:

I've gotten pretty experienced with photos in normal ranges, up to about 200mm equivalent.

However, I've been looking at the Olympus 300mm micro four thirds lens. It seems quite sharp, and I love the concept of long range nature photography.

I'm just trying to get my mind around - how could possibly a fixed 600mm be suitable for pretty much anything - wouldn't 95% of subjects be either too close (large) or too far away? If you're a little bit inexperienced, wouldn't almost every interesting opportunity turn out to be the wrong length?

Not a joke at all, I would ask in the M43 forum but people might think I was trolling

I suppose another way of framing the question: let's imagine a bird, about 15cm tall - with a 600mm lens, what would be the closest and furthest away this could be for a sharp and interesting portrayal? How big is the range you have to work with?

If by anything you meant anything at all , yes for some birders and some sport photographers  it does work in specific situations.

If by anything however you meant to do everything, well no specialised tool can do everything , that is why they are not generic but specialised.

This is the standard hammer most people own one

in photography that is a standard lens , now a standard zoom.

This is a wooden hammer used to work with bronze :

it is designed for a specific application, so is the 600 mm fix lens. (that is why most have a 600mm within a zoom not by itself)

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